How to open XM demo account


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How to open XM demo account

How to open XM demo account

You have only to fill in the columns of specialized register form in order to open a demo account, and the opening procedure is promptly completed. After the opening, you can immediately start trading on demo account.

XM prepares demo account for those who "want to experience in trades before opening real account" or "want to try MT4 or MT5, yet not experienced it," in order for them to get a training for the trade at ease. We would recommend that those who have not experienced overseas FX brokerage house or want to try XM's trade environment, open our demo account and try it.

What is XM demo account?

Demo account is the account for the virtual trade XM provides for the purpose of experience in trading tools (MT4/MT5) or atomsphere of market. Anyone can open demo account easily and experience trade enivronment easily with XM.

Experience trades without risk

XM demo account can give you an experience almost as in the same trade experience with real account such as available products or chart price movements. That's why demo account can be used for various trades using demo account such as trade training for begginers, developments of new trade technique or trial runs for trading robot (EA) by middle and advanced level traders. Demo account is operated through virtual funds, therefore clients can trade without deposit real money and without risk.

No need for real account opening nor for identification documents

XM demo account can also be used for those who do not have real account. There is also no need to submit identification documents or no age restriction. Information registered for demo account does not affect the registration of real account at all, so feel at ease.

Advantage of opening XM demo account

By opening XM demo account the following advantages or usages are available.

Try to operate and see difference between MT4/MT5

You can trade the same products as on real account in "MT4 (MetaTrader 4)/MT5 (MetaTrader 5)" which is the same trading tool as in real account. As XM demo account reflects market movements realtime, you can exrience the operation of MT4/MT5 with real market movement and can have the experience of all products XM provides such as FX currency pairs and CFDs. There are various differences between MT4 and MT5 such as in operation speed, available indicators, the number of EAs (Expert Advisors) or the numbers of time-frames, so it would be advisable to check the difference in demo account.

You can continuously test trial runs of EA or check trade technique

Valid period of XM demo account is 90 days since the last login. Which means, you even once activate and log in to MT4/MT5 before the lapse of 90 days since the last login, you can continuously use demo account. Therefore you can continuously check long-term trade technique or test trial runs by using EA (Expert Advisor).

Can experience maximum 1:1,000 high leverage trade

You can experience dynamic trade of maximum 1:1,000 times leverage which is one of the atractive feature of XM. You can generate a big amount of profit on a small market movement, on the other hand, loss will become bigger when the market moves against your expectations. Those who have no high leverage trade experience or begginer of overseas FX as well as who do not have a condifence overwhelmingly high leverage trade can experience throughly high leverage trade in XM demo account before trade in real account.

Switch between demo account/real account and you can avail both accounts

You can use "MT4/MT5" trade tools commomn to both demo account and real account with XM. For switching the accounts from demo to real account you will not be required to install another trading tool nor need to re-install MT4/MT5. When log in to MT4/MT5, you have only to input each login information of MT4/MT5, then you can smoothly switch between the accounts. As switching is smooth, trial use of demo account is also recommended for real account user.

  1. Settings added on MT4/MT5 such as indiactors or charts during using demo account will automatically be available on real account.

How to open XM demo account

Opening form here should be used to apply for XM demo account.

Procedure: 1 Personal details registration

When demo account opening form comes up, input necessary personal information for demo account in half width characters.

Personal details registration

Personal details registration

1First Name e.g.Luca
2Last Name e.g.Meier
3Country of Residence e.g.Switzerland
4City / Town e.g.Bern
5Code e.g.+41
6Phone ※Input number without the zero at the top e.g.123 456 78 90
Input number without the zero at the top
7E-mail e.g.[email protected]
8Preferred Language e.g.English

Input ①First name, ②Last name, then choose ③Country of Residence,④City and ➇Preferred language. And put the ⑤Code and ⑥phone number and ⑦e-mail address.

  1. Maximum 5 demo accounts can be opened under the same mail address with XM.
  2. XM sends "Login Information" to the E-mail address registered by yourself for the MT4/MT5 login after the completion of demo account opening, therefore E-mail address needs to be accurate.

Procedure: 2 Trading account details registration

Choose the details of demo account you use for XM.

Example for input is as follows:

Trading account details registration

Trading account details registration

1Trading Platform Type e.g.MT4(FX,CFDs on Equity indices,Metals,Energies)
2Account Type e.g.Standard(1lot=100,000)
3Account Base Currency e.g.USD
4Leverage e.g.1:1000
5Investment Amount e.g.100,000
(Denomination Is in Base Currency of Account)

①Choose "MT4" or "MT5" in Trading Platform Type, ②Choose "Standard" or "XM Ultra Low Standard" in Account Type, ③Choose Base Currency of Accoount, ④Choose leverage between "1:1" to "1:1,000" you wish. ⑤Choose Investment amount you wish to set as a balance of demo account.

  1. You are not allowed to change the Platform Type/Account Type/Base Currency once chosen. You need to open an additional account if you wish to make changes. Contact XM Support Desk if you wish to change leverage ratio and investment amount.
  2. XM Support Desk:
    [email protected]

Procedure: 3 Register and confirm account password

Then you register the password of your demo account. Use the example of the following by using one-bite characters. At last, check if you wish to receive the newsletter and if you agree on the each agreement, then click the 'OPEN A DEMO ACCOUNT.'

Register and confirm account password

Register and confirm account password

1Account password e.g.1234abcdJJ
(8 to 15 characters, upper and lower case, numbers need to be included)
2Password confirmation e.g.1234abcdJJ
(Re-input password in ①)
3Newsletters e.g.Example) check if you want to receive newsletter

①Input your demo account password in the password column, ②confirm your password and re-input your password.③Our newsletter is for XM's regular mail magazines and information about the market. If you wish to receive mails, please check.

After you complete all the inputs and click 'OPEN A DEMO ACCOUNT' you will be brought to the next page.



Procedure: 4 Mail address authentication

When you complete to apply, following mail will be sent to your mail address registered to confirm if the mail address registered really exists.

Mail address authentication

When you click 'Confirm Your E-mail Address' in the sentence, the confirm process will be completed and you will be brought to the next page.

Procedure: 5 XM's demo account authentication completed

「Once you see the message, "Congratulations on opening an XM Demo Account," XM demo account opening procedure is completed.

XM's demo account authentication completed

XM's demo account authentication completed

You will receive the mail titled 'Welcome to XM - Your Account Details' including login information of your Members Area. Move on to the Members Area and see if you can log in.

Your Account Details

How to download/Install/Log in for various MT4/MT5

Important points for using XM demo

Pay attention to the following when using XM demo account

Valid period of XM demo account is 90 days since the last login

Valid period of XM demo account is 90 days since the last login. If you do not log in to demo account longer than 90 days, you will not be able to use demo account and cannot reactivate. If you wish to use XM demo account continuously, you need to log in to demo account regularly.

You cannot choose XM micro account in demo account

Though XM offers Standard Account, Micro Account, Ultra Low Account Standard, Ultra Low Account Micro and Shares Account in real account, only "Standard Account" and "Ultra Low Account Standard" are available in demo account. Make sure you cannot choose Micro Account Ultra Low Account Micro and Shares Account in demo account.

Trading Account Types

There is no personalized member page

XM provides member page only for those who have opened real account. As there is no member page on demo account, anybody who wish to change leverage ratio or investment amount (balance), contact XM support desk.

XM support desk:
[email protected]

Volatile movement of market due to release of economic indicators or statement of important person not reflected on demo account

XM demo account should be used by connecting with the specialized server for demo. Demo account should be used after understanding that there are certain difference from real trade environment in order for you to trade as smooth as in normal market condition without wider spread nor late execution on volatile market due to release of economic indicators or statement of important person, though the charts mostly show real market movement.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. I forgot XM demo account password.

    If you forget your password of demo account, password reset can be done with XM Support Desk. Demo account password cannot be changed by yourself, so you need to contact XM Support Desk with demo account number, registered mail address and your statement of request to reset password.

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    1. Account Opening
  2. Tell me how to log in to XM demo account on PC.

    After activate MetaTrader 4 (MT4)/MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and click 'Login to Trade Account' from 'File' on the upper menu, you will see login information input page. By inputting account information, login to MT4/MT5 will be completed.

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    1. Account Opening
  3. Where can I check login information of XM demo account?

    After you open a demo account, you will receive a mail with the subject name, 'Welcome to XM - Your Account Details' and the account number and server name of XM's MetaTrader 4 (MT4)/MetaTrader 5 (MT5) are shown on it. The password' is the one registered by yourself at the demo account opening.

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    1. Account Opening
  4. Is there any valid period with XM demo account?

    No, there is no valid period in demo account. Still though once 90 days have passed since the last login to demo account, the account will automatically be closed and not be able to be used. In case you cannot use demo account, just open a new demo account. Which will make you able to use it again.

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    1. Account Opening
  5. Is XM demo account compatible with smartphone?

    Yes, XM prepares iOS or Android OS applications which are compatible with MetaTrader 4 (MT4)/MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These are available by inputting demo account information through 'Login to existing account' in application.

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    1. Account Opening
  6. Can I change leverage ratio or balance in demo account with XM?

    Yes, you can change leverage ratio or balance on demo account. Contact XM support desk with demo account number, registered mail address and the request of change. For your information you cannot change trading platform or base currency, therefore if you wish to change these, ask for additional demo account.

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    1. Account Opening
  7. Can I open multiple demo account with XM?

    Yes, you can open multiple demo accounts with XM. Maximum 5 accounts can be opened per person. Those who wish to open demo account, apply from 'Demo Account Open' on XM page. You do not need to submit personal identification documents, you only need mail address for demo account.

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